How to customize HTML files in SysAid

SysAid Technical Writer
A Tip from Sarah Lahav, the Head of SysAid Customer Service and Support Team

With a SyAid version which is more recent than version 5.0, if you want to customize the look of SysAid, please DO NOT copy your entire html folder to a different location, as this will result in you missing out new modules and features added to SysAid latest versions!

You can simply save new html files you have edited directly inside the html folder.
Go to C:\Program Files\SysAidServer\root\WEB-INF\conf\html
Edit the html files you wish to customize, to create the desired html adjustments.
It is recommended to keep a copy of the original version.

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SysAid Wiz
hi, shouldn't the advice be to keep a copy of the amended files elsewhere? as they will be overwritten by the next update.
SysAid Wiz
Am I wrong? - no reply from sysaid yet, and I see that you have put it in this months email, otherwise you may have advised everyone incorrectly
My impression, from the certification class, was that you were to still specify a customized HTML folder location but only copy out and edit the HTML files that you needed to customize. The rest would be picked up from the default location. This is how I have configured my 5.5.06 and it appears to work. This new tip confuses me as it appears to be different than what I heard in the class.
SysAid CEO
Hello All,

There was a mistake in the type & I apologies for that.
The tip should be that starting version 5 you could copy to the customized directory not all the HTML templates but only the ones that you would like to change.
The reset will be taken from the original directory location.

This way when you run an upgrade it is no longer necessary to add changes or update files (only if it is the ones you have adjusts) like you have to do if you have copied the complete directory.

Do not customize the HTML files at the original location as will be run over on the next upgrade & you will loss the customization.

Sorry for the confusion this will certainly be clarified.