September 2010 tip

SysAid CEO
For internal service providers, commitment to high-quality requires work and attention every single day. With SysAid, due dates are a key player in the commitment to high-quality service, and your ability to meet your due dates is extremely important. To ensure that you meet your due dates, you need to monitor them.

SysAid offers many wonderful ways for you to monitor your due dates - add "due dates" as a column in your help desk list; run reports on your due dates - but this month I want to share a different angle with you: the Service Request Matrix.

The Matrix screen can be customized to show different information for your specific needs, but I think that that it's very important to know how to add due dates to the matrix. That way you can monitor the distribution of service requests according to which are before the due dates and which are past the due dates. When you step into the office and view the matrix, you'll be able to instantly see which service requests need to be immediately addressed.

To add due dates to your Matrix view, you need to add filters to the Help Desk list. This configuration should be based on your database, so on how to customize the matrix view.

Customizing this view is just one way that you can fulfill your commitment to your end-users and provide better service!