Routing Based on Urgency

Is it possible to route Service Requests based on the urgency? I am the IT department for my company of around 70 users, with people working from 5am - 9pm. However, I have outside support for a third party company that provides 24x7 support (since I really don't want be 'on call' 24x7x365 ).

I would like the end user to be able to select an Urgent request and have that automatically forward to an Administrator group that includes the contact for the outside company. For all other urgency levels, the SR would go to my administrator group. Then I can decide if I have time/knowledge to tackle it or I can forward to the 3rd party.

The only way I can figure how to do it would be to use the Category field as the urgency and remove the Urgency from the "Submit Service Request" Form (not sure if I can remove that field or not).

So I would set up Categories as: 1. Urgent, 2. High, 3. Normal, 4. Low and then have subcategories and 3rd level subcategories that define the issue (Subcategories for each would be Software, Hardware, Phone, Other and 3rd level would be Database, MS Office, Printer, Copy Machine, etc.).

I just downloaded the Free version and am starting to configure it, so I can pretty much set it up however, but it makes more sense to me to set categories as Hardware, Software, Phone, etc. and route based on urgency.

Any ideas on how to configure this would be appreciated.
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You can setup priority settings and escalation rules for this:

First, under Preferences -> Helpdesk -> Priorities
1) Setup a rule for all tickets so that Priority will be equal to the Urgency

Then setup an escalation rule:
1) Setup the escalation rule to only act on a ticket status of "New"
2) Setup the escalation rule to act on a Priority of "Whichever one you want to force"
3) Setup the escalation rule to be enforced "escalate 1 min after request time has passed"
4) Use the "Reassign task to" option to pick the admin you want it to go to

I haven't tested this, but it seems like this might accomplish what you were looking for?

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Another good answer by Harold... You're on a row!
However, your suggestion is good for reassigning service requests to individuals, not admin group like Mike requested.

Mike, it is not possible to route/reassign service requests by the urgency/priority to administrator groups. I'll pass this as a feature request.
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Actually the correct FR is :

Although with the FR that "th" pointed you will be able to establish the same results....


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Thanks for all of the suggestions. I was able to accomplish what I needed by using an escalation rule (with a 1 minute timer) to re-assign the Urgent requests to the outside helpdesk.