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Hi All,

Firstly let me just congratulate Ilient for producing an awesome product. I have recently implemented the free version with the view if it works we will upgrade to the paid version. I have a small problem however, when a service request is closed the user receives an email confirmation with a link to complete a basic survey. My problem is, i cannot for the life of me find where the results are stored??

Any ideas?

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the results are available in the analyser reports. i cant remember which because i am not near my sysaid installation at the moment.
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You can find the reports for this under Analyzer -> All Reports -> SysAid -> Helpdesk -> Service Quality:

They are:

Satisfaction Level by Administrator
Satisfaction Level by Category
Satisfaction Level by Company

When setting up the parameters of the report, you can check the box for "Show Comment Details" and you will get their notes as well as the statistics.