Filters and returning from a Task to its parent Project

As you guys can probably make out from the username and post count, I'm extremely green with SysAid.

The project I'm working on concerns documenting code changes to various objects using SysAid. The process is working, but would be 10 times better with the following items.

1) Wild Cards, Substring identification, or Regular Expressions when using Filters.

2) A way to return to a Project page from one of its Task page(s).

Is there a way to enable/do either of these?
SysAid VP Customer Success

1. You could use the % sign to represent a wildcard in the filter expression builder.
2. The link you are asking for is currently not possible. I'll get our product manager to submit a new feature request for this.
SysAid VP Product
Hi InternM and welcome to our Community!

Regarding your second issue, I just want to make sure you knew that from within the Project view you have a tab for Tasks.
You can pefrom all the Task actions from within this TAB which is hosted/nested under the project, So at any time you can click generel details tab or any other tab and see the project details.

Does this give you a solution

Thanks for the quick replies; the wildcard is a big help!


I am filtering all tasks and trying to look at the resulting project(s). Unless the tabbed version of tasks somehow redirects you to a different project I don't think it'll be much use in this case. Thanks just the same.