Official Release SysAid 7.5 Now Available!

SysAid Marketing
We're happy to announce that SysAid 7.5 is now available! Our newest release promises to give you more control over your IT environment and improve your day-to-day experience with SysAid. Developed according to your feature requests and with your daily IT tasks in mind, SysAid 7.5 helps you access information faster than ever, easily customize SysAid to suit your needs, and exercise maximum control over your network elements.

Download SysAid 7.5 Now!

To see what's new in SysAid 7.5, watch the SysAid 7.5 Flash Presentation or read the SysAid 7.5 Release Notes.

Tomorrow: Free Live Webinar on SysAid 7.5
On Wednesday, November 10 - that's tomorrow! - we'll be offering a free live webinar on the ins-and-outs of SysAid 7.5. Get all the inside tips you need to maximize our newest release from the very start! The SysAid Product Management team will take you on walk-through tour of all the new features and functionalities of SysAid 7.5, and a Q&A session at the end will give you the opportunity to find out anything else you want to know. Space is limited, so register for the webinar now!

Welcome to our newest release - IT's better than ever with SysAid 7.5!

Elite SysAider
Ok great!

Is there a manual about this how to update?
Or anything to check carefully with the update?

Thanks in advance,
SysAid Marketing

We do indeed have 7.5 upgrade instructions: here they are!
Elite SysAider
Exchange Syncronization does not work anymore after the upgrade, checked this with v7.5.03 RC and same thing there too.
Elite SysAider
Fintech wrote:Exchange Syncronization does not work anymore after the upgrade, checked this with v7.5.03 RC and same thing there too.

The E-mail pickup? Or the Calender?
I think it will be helpful if you could give light to resolve the issue whether Email pickup or Calendar
I've attempted an upgrade and it crashed the SysAid. I upgraded from 7.0.05 to 7.5.03. I have SysAid front end on one server and Oracle back end on the separate server. Anyone else having problem upgrading? I can't figure out what happened as all other upgrades I did were smooth. Had few simple software bugs to solve but never completely crashed a SysAid server.

Just wanted to warn other users to try it in test environment first or at least have a good rollback plan. I'm so glad I did this in test environment first.
Anyone else having problem upgrading from 7.0.05 to 7.5?
SysAid Customer Success Manager
Dear orka1998,

Please contact us or by mail to and we will be more than glad to remote into your environment and solve the issue you are experiencing.

We are awaiting forward to hearing from you.



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Super SysAider
Yes i have problem with upgrading from 7.05 to 7.5
Linux free version update using package and system dont work anymore. Problems with database and i cannot log in to system.
We rollback snapshot created before update.
I did the update from 7.0 to 7.5 no issues at all. very straight forward. take a backup of your current data before you upgrade, this should be standard practice before any upgrade.