Poll of the Month: Tablet v. Laptop - What's Your Choice?

Tablet v. Laptop: What's Your Choice?
Tablets all the way 15% [ 6 ]
Laptops only 27% [ 11 ]
I use both, depending on the situation 59% [ 24 ]
Total Votes: 41
SysAid Marketing
They’re sleek, they’re small, and you can take them pretty much anywhere – but do they beat the laptop? Tablet PCs have gained a loyal following of tech enthusiasts who praise the tablet for their mobility and convenience, and 2010 has been quite the year for these portable devices. With Apple’s launch of the enormously popular iPad in January, the demand for multi-touch tablets has skyrocketed. While tablets definitely make sense for the new need of “technology on-the-go,” there are still plenty of people who prefer the power, enhanced features, and performance of the traditional laptop. So what's your choice - the tablet or the laptop?