You cannot update this Service Request because someone else has already updated it.

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Hi Spastibus,

Currently when you try to modify an SR that has been modified by another admin since you opened it, you have three options.

1) Discard your changes - Click Cancel.

2) Overwrite the other admin's changes (You can see them in the History tab) with your modifications - add a space character to one of the text fields and click OK/Apply. (The buttons are enabled the moment you add anything to the SR)

3) Include your modifications without deleting the recently added data - Note your changes, copy any text you entered, and click Cancel. Then reopen the SR and add your modifications.

At some point in the future, I think you are likely to see some method for automatically merging changes that don't conflict, but these are the current options available in the system.

Feel free to follow up with any questions or comments.

Have a great day,
Rather than a workaround, wouldn't it make more sense to notify the second person that the record is open by another, and therefore it is read only.
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This also occurrs when an end user submits an email to the ticket - it's not just two admins working on the ticket att the same time!

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For us the most common case of experiencing this problem is the following:
- When a customer or admin sends an e-mail to the ticket whilst you are updating it, the "is currently being updated" message pops.

It would be great if it's possible to make it not forfeit your changes when the system receives an e-mail in the ticket you are working in at that moment.

Personally I think this is the most annoying part when updating a ticket and losing your notes. Since I also don't see a reason for more then 1 person to work on a ticket. Although I can understand if certain teams work in the above manner.