Poll of the Month: What's Your Time Management Style?

What's your time management style?
I plan way in advance and always finish before my deadline 21% [ 12 ]
I put things off sometimes, but I always make it on time 50% [ 29 ]
I'm a procrastinator! I always finish at the very last minute 24% [ 14 ]
I don't make my deadlines - ever! 5% [ 3 ]
Total Votes: 58
SysAid Marketing
People manage their schedules, workload, and deadlines in different ways, and in the world of IT, knowing how to use your time wisely is central to your success. Maybe you’re the type who works best under pressure – the thrill of the deadline and last-minute changes get your blood pumping. For others of you, planning way in advance and finishing your projects ahead of time keeps you most productive and successful (and perhaps sane, too!) We don’t all work and learn in the same way - what’s your time management style?
I hate working at the last minute or hour. I do my stuffs right away. However, these frequent mistakes supervisors make can suck the marrow out of any workplace. It takes preparing and an active dedication to clear communication to make it work.