Does SysAid include mobile applications?

SysAid Technical Writer
Does SysAid include mobile applications?

Yes. SysAid offers free mobile applications for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Windows Phone 7.

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where to get the .xap for download it, wp 7

got it in zune market thanks

not working for me, not working with sysaid 8. in windows phone 7 any link to download the update ?
Login error
you must update sysaid app in order to login
to specified server.

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SysAid Customer Success Manager
In this case first let me know what is your mobile version and what is the OS version of the device (4,5,6)?
Also to further examine the issue please do the following:
1. try to login once again and if you fail, please let us know with is the error message that you are receiving?
2. Please let us know are you using SysAid with IIS 6 or 7?
3. Did you configure SSO (single sign on) with IIS or with Tomcat ?
4. Try to login to the following URL :
With the credentials:
Then let as know if you mange to login?


Erez Shindelman
@erez Does SSO break the mobile app? We've configured SysAid on an IIS server and are looking at enabling SSO, but if that breaks the app, it's going to be a problem.
SysAid Customer Success Manager
SSO should not break the communication with your mobiles. While login with SysAid App you will need to enter credentials and it should behave the same way.

Let me know about your process.
Hi David,

There seems to be a minor bug in the sysaid helpdesk app on the iphone.
We have more then 200 company's, the app only shows 100 and says that we need to specify a search.
But there is no search function in this field.

Do you have any idea when the ipad app is comming. The normal sysaid website is also doing its job on the ipad, but it would be great to have a customized user interface for touch.

Best regards,