Poll of the Month: How Do You Participate in Tech Community Forums?

How Do You Participate in Tech Community Forums?
I enthusiastically participate, and my answers are so thorough, they always include a graph! 6% [ 3 ]
I contribute from time to time, but it’s not my weekend entertainment. 42% [ 20 ]
I’m a quiet participant—I read most threads, but I don’t usually comment. 46% [ 22 ]
“What’s a community forum!?” 6% [ 3 ]
Total Votes: 48
SysAid Marketing

Those of us who use the Community Forum, know that there are different levels of participation. There are those enthusiastic and passionate users who post interesting questions, insightful recommendations, as well as answer questions almost as quickly as the company’s tech support does! And on the other extreme, there are those who still don’t know such a forum exists—what a shame! In order to sharpen your awareness, we’d like to know what Community Forum participation category you fall under. So, take the poll and let us see how many people still don’t know what an incredible resource the forum is— and those of you who do know, we want to know how much you use this exciting and useful place. So, which “persona” do you assume when it comes to Tech Community Forums?