Tag LinkToSurvey not working

New user. New Admin. New install.

When an SR is closed, the user gets the correct "Email body to end user regarding a Service Request". Within that message body is a survey link, as identified by the tag {LinkToSurvey} (Under 'Customize'/'Notification'). The latter part of the survey link is correct, but the HOST (beginning) part of the link is incorrect. It starts with "https://SysAid1:8080/....". That's not the url to my SysAid server. How do I edit the host portion of that tag?

Dean Waters
SysAid Customer Relations
Dear Dean Waters,

In order to change the SysAid server URL (including the port), please edit the file ...\SysAidServer\root\WEB-INF\conf\serverConf.xml and find the following line:

Change the URL to reflect your current URL.

If you don’t have that line, break a new line after the <externalLoginClass></externalLoginClass> tag and add the above tag in the new line with the current URL.

Make sure to restart the SysAid Server service to apply changes.