How many people forget their passwords after returning from their summer vacation?

SysAid CEO
Summer is here and I was asked to write a tip that will be connected to this time of year.

Every year we do the tip on the Out-of-Office functionality. This is year I thought I will look at it from a different perspective.

When the end users come back from vacation, most of them do not remember their passwords. So my tip is - to implement our Password Services module!

To make my point, check out the video below and see exactly how our module can make your life so much easier this time of year.

To define the module, I’d like to provide you with few tips, based on best practices.

In setting up the module:
- You should have at most 3 questions
- You should provide a big selection of questions to the end users to select from
- Recommended reset password methods: delivered by SMS
- Temporary password expires after 20 min

- Implement Password Services icon on your organization's portal using our predefined HTML code

Enjoy the summer!

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