5 Tips to Save Time & Increase Proficiency with SysAid 8.0

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SysAid 3rd Time Employee of the Year Shares the Most Common Customer Questions About SysAid 8.0

SysAid 8.0 is full of new features and specifically designed to help you resolve your IT challenges. To make you a master at all the great features and functionalities we offer in SysAid 8.0, Joseph Zargari, Customer Relations Account Manager at SysAid and tech pro, has come up with 5 tips that answer the most frequently asked questions he has received since the new release. Joseph chose five particular features that will help you accomplish your day-to-day tasks far more efficiently.

Joseph Zargari
Customer Relations Account Manager
SysAid Technologies

1. Always wanted to track the login history of users? Now you can!
I’ve heard many customers say that they would like to search assets based on the users who’ve logged on. For instance, which computers did John Doe log onto in the past thirty days? This is now available with SysAid 8.0. If you go to Asset Management > Online Users, and then to the History tab and search that list, the page will show login history per computer. That is to say, every time someone logs onto a computer in the network that has the SysAid Agent installed, an entry is added to this table. More info is available here, in the Online Aid help files.

2. How can I discover assets instantaneously?
Check out how you can discover assets without the SysAid Agent, using the WMI protocol. This is an ideal feature for thin client discovery since thin clients cannot be deployed with the agent and the WMI is a completely agentless inventory. For most users, it is still recommended to use the SysAid Agent for inventory purposes, as it provides bigger set features, including Remote Control, message broadcasting to users, inviting end users to chat, and more. Click here for more details on the WMI Scan.

3. Want more customization? Design based on your needs!
In SysAid 7.5 we added an easier way to configure the service request submission form in the End User Portal—Customize > End User Submit Form. This made customization much easier and our customers were thrilled. We decided to embrace this approach and incorporate more customization in SysAid 8.0 by adding a similar customization form in the end user settings page—Customize > End User Settings Form/ To decide which setting you want, and to make the form hidden or visible, click the Design button (blue cogwheel icon) and add or configure the form. A useful example is if you would like to prevent the user from changing the language/time zone/email address, and more, you can customize it here.

4. Can’t find the new features in the main menu?
Some customers who updated from an earlier version cannot see SysAid 8.0’s new features in the SysAid main menu. This is because they had earlier versions of the HTML files, which impacted the menu display. If you are confronting this issue, don’t worry, there is a simple way to fix it! Just go to your customized HTML directory and delete all the *Menu.html files and all the LeftMenu*.html files. You’ll then need to restart the SysAid Server service. Tada, an updated menu will appear! If you are not sure where your customized HTML files are located, log in to SysAid and change the URL to: https://server-name:8080/CustomizeAppearance.jsp. The HTML Files Location field should point to the directory on your SysAid server.

5. Want to know Joseph’s favorite 8.0 feature?
My favorite feature in SysAid 8.0 is the new list layout. We kept all the existing features and simply embedded them elsewhere in the interface for a smoother experience. While it may take a moment to get used to, you will soon realize the filters are more intuitive, they support multiple selections, and will show you results while you’re typing! These new enhancements really make the user experience simple, seamless, and faster. For example, you will immediately notice that the icon functions have been removed from the top and are instead embedded as text in a more convenient location. We chose this location after a lot of research and analysis, and discovering that these locations prove to be the most user-friendly, optimizing the user experience.

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