Joke of the Month: How can a window be in my desktop?

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I am sure you all have memorable stories with end-user requests. There are some classics from tech support help desks. Here is just oneā€¦please tell us some of yours.

Tech Support: "Okay, you should now see a small dialog box on your desktop."
Customer: "I don't see any box on my desktop."
Tech Support: "Hmmm, are you sure? It looks like a small window with an 'OK' button in the middle of it."
Customer: "How can a window be in my desktop?"
Tech Support: "Sir, what are you looking at?"
Customer: "My desktop like you asked. There's no box on it, just the computer. However I do have a small window at the top of my wall, but I don't see anything that says 'ok'...."

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just to clarify, I do the IT at the assembly Plant (same building just upstairs) I build and setup computers for test equipment. Had to call corp. (down stairs) to fix a computer that I did not have access to , it is a workstation (not my department)

Me: have a computer here and the network card is showing disabled
Corp. Tech: what happen
Me: was just trying to connect to network and system crashed, had to reboot, network card now disabled
Corp. Tech: did you try and enable it
Me: Yes, I do not have admin rights to this machine, it will not let me
Corp. Tech: ok I will remote into it

PAUSE:.......for the techs that need to think about it

Me: you can't, the network card it disabled
Corp. Tech: oh yea, OK I will create a ticket

**Corp. Tech calls back and is at the computer.. i am back in my office

Corp. Tech:I can not login, what is the password? is this one that you built?
me: No, this is a computer that MIS built, are you using the local admin or your domain login?
Corp. Tech: never mind.....

This did happen just last week......
I am telling this one because, sometimes it is not just the customer who are not thinking
AND SysAid could of helped
I have been trying for YEARS to get my Corp. MIS team to switch to SysAid, to keep track of there assets and use it as a HELP DESK.
I have been using SysAid for 8 YEARS, it took me only seconds to view that the asset was NOT one that I controlled
AND that with the correct information (that SysAid could have supplied) the Corp. Tech: would not have been trying to figure out the basic information about a asset

I love SysAid, operators create MOST of the tickets , and the system just emails me there is a new one..
I can see all the information about the system and if it's online..... before I call

THANKS again SysAid for making my "JOB" easier and enjoyable

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Thank you cooperspc for sharing!