Enable automatic suggestions from the knowledgebase, with filtering

SysAid CEO
This month we are looking at the end-user experience.

The end-user experience is a high priority for any service provider, as without them there is no need for us. Our perspective on the issue is that if we provide a great experience, it is a win-win situation for both sides.

We also think that with the smartphones, tablets, and all the social networks like Facebook, your users can do a lot for themselves.

SysAid’s Knowledge Base module was available in SysAid from the beginning but in most cases, we found that users just never looked for an answer to their issue, so they did not know it was right there – in the knowledge base/FAQ.

In SysAid 8.0, we implemented a feature for the End-User Portal called: Enable automatic suggestions from the knowledgebase. This feature enables your users to get suggestion for solutions from our knowledge base, in real-time, while they are typing in their SR.

However, as there are a lot of common words used when typing a SR like “I have a problem” - it’s important to be able to control the suggestions from the knowledge base. For this you could use the new field: Words to exclude from the search (separated by comma). With this ability you will be able to control the suggested solutions and make it more focused.

There are a lot of features and best practices on this issue that we are covering in our SysAid Certification Program; you are welcome to join us in September.

Have a cool August.


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