Threshold in hours

In the report "Service breaches by category" what is the meaning of "threshold in hours".

For instance, I have a category which due date is 3 hours. If I want to know how many SR where attended late, what value do I have to write in that space?
SysAid Customer Success Manager
Hi Luiscacr

"Threshold in hours" field refers to the time, that passes SINCE the Due Date. For example, if you put 3 in that field, you will receive the report of all SRs that were not closed in due time plus 3 hours, i.e. SR that still open although 3 hours or more passed AFTER due date. If you want to know, how many SRs were not closed on due date, you have to put 0 it that field.

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Uri Leizin
Ok, thank you very much.
Hi There

Is this still the case with regards to 'threshold in hours'.

When running a report this will take into account the due date and the time entered into this field.

e.g We are using the default SLA agreements in under settings->SLA/SLM->Service Agreement->due dates.

So say for example I want to run a report on 'Time to Respond' and I enter a threshold of 4 hours this will only report on SLAs that have breached specified due dates plus 4 hours?

The due date for BASIC Software, All sub categories, All third levels, All urgencies, all priorities company all is 4 hours. If I enter a threshold for 4 hours this will only take into account these tickets that breached after 8 hours? and not the ones that breached on their actual due date of 4 hours?

If I want to report on all tickets that have breached on their specified due date I must enter 0 in the 'threshold in hours' field.