How to conigure SysAid for multiple department usage.

SysAid Customer Success Manager
Speaking with some of my customers I understood that they really want to expand SysAid usage not only for IT department but also for additional departments as marketing and logistics for instance.
they do not really know how it can be done.

You can configure SysAid so that multiple departments could handle their tickets in the same system, while locking each department to its records. To configure this, follow the below instructions.

1. You need to create a category for each department. Within that category, each department should have their own subcategories and third-level categories. This should be configured in Preferences > Help Desk Settings > Categories tab.

2. You should create Administrators groups for each department (Preferences > User Management > Groups).

3. You should create routing rules (Preferences > Help Desk Settings > Routing rules tab) to automatically route the service request to the admin group based on the category that the end user selected.

4. (optional) If you have a designated mailbox for each department, you can setup email integration with each mailbox to submit service requests in the corresponding category (this will route the service requests to the appropriate group by the rules created in step 3). This should be configured in Preferences > Integration > Email tab.

5. (optional) If you need to manage assets separately for each department, you should create an asset group for each department in Asset Management > My Network Assets.

6. The final step would be to limit the permission on the admins. If you go to Preferences > User Management and click on an administrator account (this should be configured for each admin), you should be able to limit the admin to view/modify service requests that are assigned to that admin and to a group they are members of. Also, you should configure the admin to view assets in the asset group (if created in step 5).