Tip: How to install SysAid agent with a Ghost image.

SysAid Customer Success Manager
Hello SysAiders,

For those who want to install SysAid agent from a ghost image, you should install the agent on the required machine. Than, please go to the registry (Start > Run > Regedit) . Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Ilient > Agent.

On the values on the right, you need to delete the Machine ID and also to change the First Time Value from N to Y and than doing the ghost.

Doing so will prevent from duplicate assets to be invisible under System > Asset List.

Best Regards.
Ori Sharon.
Elite SysAider
We found in practice that the procedures suggested above resulted in multiple desktop icons (since we change the SysAid icon to say "Helpdesk" instead).

Instead, we simply change the MachineID to IMAGE-OPTI330 (or something relative to the machine type -- in this case a Dell Optiplex 330) before we take our ghost image. This way, newly ghosted machines all report in as this one machine ID.

After ghosting, we simply get the MAC Address using CMD & ipconfig /all .... then we change the MachineID to the MAC address, rename the computer and reboot.

This way, SysAid doesn't make any additional changes or add icons to the desktop.