Tip of the Month: Discover Network Devices Using SNMP

SysAid CEO
Hello everyone,

I am sure you know by now that we are waiting to see you all every month at our monthly webinar.

This month we are going to discuss SNMP, so here’s just a small teaser.

Discover Network Devices Using SNMP
You already installed the SysAid Agent on you client computers, haven’t you? This creates a beautiful list of computers to keep track of (including their software/hardware information).

You’re probably missing some other devices on that list. In that same asset list, wouldn’t you want to get your printers, IP phones, switches, routers and other network devices on that list as well?

Using SNMP Discovery, you can automatically detect network devices with some of their basic pieces of information (name, description, IP address, location, contact person, etc). If you go to Asset Management > Network Discovery > SNMP Scan tab, you can set up scans on an IP range and schedule that scan to occur at a regular interval.

To get this to work, you must first make sure your network devices have their SNMP protocol enabled and their community string set to the same string (public is the default).
This first step is the starting point for many great features, including:
• Add network devices to the asset list automatically.
• Monitor your network devices and get notifications when events occur (including SNMP traps).
• Get devices’ specific information; for example, get the memory/CPU usage for routers/firewalls.

This is just a sample, I am sure we are going to see you at our next webinar.

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