So who won the iPad 2 SysAid raffle?

SysAid Marketing
For months now we've been talking about the IT world going mobile, and how SysAid is right there assisting you in that direction. To back up our position, we held an iPad 2 Sweepstakes a couple of months ago, where the winner was destined to receive brand new iPads for each member of the IT team.

The outcome of this promotion was amazing, as it gave SysAid an opportunity to not only spread IT mobility capabilities, but also to contribute to a most worthy cause. The joy of meeting our customers and the excitement of handing out the iPads was extraordinary, according to Sarah Lahav, SysAid’s VP Customer Relations, who travelled all the way to South Africa for a very memorable trip!

Check out the October newsletter to get the details and make sure to watch the clip we prepared summarizing our South African experience. Who knows, the next winner in our future promotion may be you…