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Afternooon all,

Is it possible to set up SysAid so that there is an automatic email alert to multiple admins whenever a new SR is submitted, no matter who it is assigned to and what is relates to?

I know this is probably obvious and has been answered before but i cant find another version of this question, so i apologise if i'm repeating!

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Our solution to that issue (since we only have 3 admins - IT Director included) has been to set up an email address that is a distribution list consisting of the three of us. We then make that address the one for SysAid to notify.
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Hello BJINS.

The best way to set this up in SysAid, is to create an administrator group (under preferences > user management > groups), with all the administrators names, then create a routing rule (under preferences > helpdesk settings > routing) that will assign all service requests to that admin group.

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ok, I'm going to extend this one a bit Haim, maybe you can help...

We have our install configured to eMail the assigned admin if the status of an SR changes. it doesn't appear that if the status is modified as the result of eMail integration, it notifies the assigned admin correctly.

Under Email Integration: Send replies to assigned admin(s) and change status to = Followup Required

Under Service Desk Settings: Email assigned administrator when a Service Request changes = Checked

Is there some other setting I need, or are these events not triggered from eMail integration?
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Andy, When an email is added to a request, does the status of the request change?

If it doesn't, you can try to check if all your incoming email addresses you integrated with SysAid are configured the same (this setting is separate for each mailbox)

If the status does change, the notification should be sent.. If the status change in other ways, does your admins receive the notifications?
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I am having a similar issue.

When another admin changes the state of a SR, it notifies the admin via email who owns the ticket, however, when a user responds to the SR, the admin who owns the ticket does NOT get any email notification.

We are trying to figure out how to get that part working. We have figured out how to get the status of the SR to change when a user responds to it, but cannot figure out how to get the admin notified via email.

Any suggestions (and thanks)!

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hello bcharrells,
Welcome to the SysAid community.

Does the administrator receive the notification when the enduser reply by email?
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The administrator does not receive the reply when the end user responds to the ticket.

The only time the admin gets emailed is when another admin changes the status of the ticket. The admin who owns the ticket then gets a status update email (for instance, "Service Request #8137 status has been changed to New").

If I can figure out how to make it so the admin gets emailed when the end user responds, we'll be all set.

Thanks for the help!
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This sound like an issue, please contact our support team at with a short description of the issue.
Also, please provide us with screenshots of :

Preferences > Helpdesk settings > General details
Preferences > integration > Email.

We would also like to receive the ...\SysAidServer\root\WEB-INF\logs folder (zipped)
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