MSI et Raccourcie


J'utilise le package msi. Tout fonctionn bien. Mais j'aimerais que l'icone SysAid ne s'installe pas.
En utilisant ORCA je ne vois pas ce paramètre?

Merci de me venir en aide.
SysAid Customer Success Manager
gplatret wrote:Hello,

I use the msi package. Everything works fine. But I want the icon SysAid will not install.
Using ORCA I do not see this setting?

Thank you for help.

Hello, gplatret

If I understand you correctly, you refer to the shortcut to End User Portal, that created on Desktop during agent deployment.
Using Orca, you can define this shortcut not to be installed at all. In order to do it, open the "Property" table, and change the value of ALLOWSUBMITSR property to N. Then you have to save this change, with other changes you performed, in Transform file (.mst), and deploy it beside the original .msi file, as it described in Online Aid.

Best Regards,
Uri Leizin, MCITP
Customer Service and Support