Unexpected chat behavior.

Super SysAider
Our users do not have a dedicated computer that they use and on different days use different computers. Due to this, we can not setup "Owners" for asset items. When we try opening a chat with a user, it sometimes opens on multiple computers and none of them being the targeted user. Is there any way to make the chat feature be more reliable, or open a chat with a computer instead of a user?
We are finding Chat and Broadcast messages going to random computers as well. We have owners set on computers but they are logged onto by various other users as well. But I sent a chat request today to a user and it went to 3 other users as well, none of whom show in sysaid as users of the PC the correct user is an owner of so it appears completley random rather than to all machines a user had logged onto at some point.
we were going to start utilising chat but if there is no control on where the messages pop up it is not usable.
We are also finding the same problem when broadcasting messages to seleced users