SysAid Release 8.5 Beta is out today, and ready to test!

SysAid Marketing
We're happy to announce that today the Beta version of SysAid 8.5 is available! As a SysAid Pathfinder, you can enjoy the experience of testing new features and capabilities before the official release in February—so sign up to become a Pathfinder now if you haven’t already done so!

You’ll get to assess our new groundbreaking My Desktop module, not (yet) found in any other IT management software out there; advance your IT activities easily from your mobile devices; use the new Asset Management Dashboard for more control and organization; and much more!

Don’t delay - come get the first taste of SysAid 8.5, which not only improves and enriches your day-to-day IT management experience, but it also creates a comfort zone for your end users. You’ll find:

• More mobile opportunities
• New functionalities to bring your IT service to the next level
• More resources leading to end-user satisfaction
• Overall enhancements to the user interface

IT’s just gotten even better, with SysAid 8.5!