Using SR Custom Int 1 & 2

I am looking at using the SR Custom Int to track reference numbers that are not Sysaid SR numbers.

How do I rename 'SR Custom Int 1' so I can get it to appear as e.g. 'Ref'

Also are there any features that are using the SR Custom Int 1 & 2 in Sysaid apart from SRs?
SysAid CEO

Dear uniti,

SysAid custom fields are free fields that are not connected to any functionally in SysAid.
There purpose of the filed is to able gathering information that is unique for your organization and not showing in SysAid default set up. (Just like you are going to use it)

If you would like to change the name of the field what you need to do is go to:
Preferences -> customize -> translate -> download the translation file.
Look for cust_int under the appropriate section.
Change the name on the left side, save, upload the file.
The name of the field should change.

Please let me know if you need anything else