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I would like to generate reports like "Activities by User" but with "by SR ID#" or "by cust_list1 entry" instead. I know that I can print the service request into a pdf but this generates lots of unnecessary and quite unstructured information.

If it would be possible to export the according activities in a csv file this could be used as a (less fancy) work around.

Any suggestions how to do that?
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Hey there,

Since we are assisting you over a service request, we will not provide answers over the community, when the service request will be resolved, we will post the solution here.

Best regards.
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Has a solution been provided for this yet?
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I just received a solution. I love you guys...

The following instructions will change the "Active Requests" report in such a way that cust_list1 is one item in the "Group Selection" list. I also checked if this works together with techguy's "Active Requests with Pie Chart" and it does.

Here it comes:

In order generate such a report, please do the following:
1. Go to the Manager Portal > Design Reports.
a) Select SysAid at the top of the report structure and click on the New Report icon.
b) Select Choose Template and then select Active requests. Click on Save.
c) Change the title to "Active Requests with Cust List" and click on OK.
d) Click on this new report and use the Modify Report icon this time.
2. Click on the Report Prompt tab then make these changes in it:
a) Locate "${groupingSelectionDesign}" and then replace it with this code:
<select name="groupingSelection" class="select01">
<option value="Category">$rb.getString("category")</option>
<option value="Group">$rb.getString("group")</option>
<option value="Administrator">$rb.getString("administrator")</option>
<option value="EndUser">$rb.getString("endUser")</option>
<option value="Priority">$rb.getString("priority")</option>
<option value="Urgency">$rb.getString("urgency")</option>
<option value="Company">$rb.getString("company")</option>
<option value="Cust_list1">$rb.getString("sr.cust_list1")</option>
3. Click on the Report Script tab and then make these changes in it:
a) Locate "name2Field = new Hashtable(10);" and increase that number to 11.
b) Add "name2Field.put("Cust_list1", "v.value_caption");" after the name2Field.put("ThirdLevelCategory...
c) Locate "String groupingSelectionField = (String) name2Field.get(groupingSelection);" and then add this code BEFORE it :
if (groupingSelection.equals("Cust_list1")) {
groupingSelectionName = rb.getString("sr.cust_list1");
String listName="srList1";
String valueName = "cust_list1";
if (dbType.getType()!=DbTypeType.ORACLE_TYPE ) {
moreJoins = moreJoins + " INNER JOIN cust_values v ON ( v.account_id = r.account_id and v.list_name = '" +
listName + "' and v.value_key = r." + valueName + " ) ";
} else {
moreJoins = moreJoins + " , cust_values v ";
moreWhere = moreWhere + " and v.account_id = r.account_id and v.list_name = '" +
listName + "' and v.value_key = r." + valueName + " ";
4. Click on OK to save the report and then try to run it .

Could this "<select name="groupingSelection" class="select01"> ..." code be also a solution for my request #157819? Within this SR I describe our need to show only hand-selected items in the cust_list1 drop down list of the end user portal depending on the company of the logged in user.
SysAid Customer Success Manager
According to our records, that service request was already passed on as a feature request in our help desk.
If you do have any further questions, please send us a response by email as this will probably need to be reviewed by our senior support team.
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I just thought there might be a similarity between that SR and this post.