How to set roles for users

Hello, I´d like to know how can I set some rules for users - I mean that when I need to have new role (smth. like "technican") how can I do it? This user can only work with issue I (as an admin) fowarded to him. for example:

some incident is added by client to our system - me as administrator cathegorize this incident and I decided that my coleague XY will analyse that incident - so I assigned it to him - after he finished analysis I fwd. it to developer...

and what I need is to have "role" for these they can only change description, solution, activities, messages, history of only incidents assigned to them.

Is it possible? Or there are only two roles - administrator and end user, where administrator can check anything.

Than you
I think I´ve just found it

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SysAid Wiz
Hello Karel
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I'm glad you were able to find the solution for this issue, and just so the other users in the community in the system will benefit from your question, i'll post the solution:

You can set different permissions to each administrators from the user's details page.
It can be found under preferences > user management > admin manager.
In the admin's details, you have the "permissions" tab, there you can set different permissions based on the admin's job in SysAid.

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