SysAid’s 9th Generation Available for Cloud Users

SysAid Marketing
We’re excited to invite all our Cloud users to be the first to enjoy a taste of SysAid’s 9th generation! While there is more to come for our semi-annual summer release, Cloud users can try out the new and exciting features starting today.

In-House users, don’t fret—you will have SysAid 9 when our semi-annual summer release arrives in July.

So what’s new in 9? SysAid is giving you a rock-solid ITIL program with everything that ITIL has to offer, including better ITIL compliance, official ITIL terminology throughout SysAid, and more.

Not an ITIL user? No problem, we have something for you too: SysAid added enhanced Help Desk features, so you can handle your service requests with even more efficiency—guaranteed.

Are you ready? Get on board!

Learn more about SysAid 9 and upgrading

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Elite SysAider
ElanaRK wrote:
In-House users, don’t fret—you will have SysAid 9 when our semi-annual summer release arrives in July.

So we can expect SysAid 9 this month?
SysAid VP Product
SysAid 9th Generation has 2 more important milestones that will be released to our on-demand customers in Aug and Sept.
During this time the Installed version is being put together and tested by our R&D and Q&A teams.

The reason for the Cloud coming first and the installed edition following is due to the various OS-s and Databases we support and also the upgrade package that we need to put together and test including running a Beta.

The Installed version will follow the above and will be available later this year.

Elite SysAider
Will SysAid 9 release for in-house have the knowledge base fixed UI in it? (I know R&D are working on it)

Or do you plan to patch 8.5 with it as well?

Thinking of this more, do you actually do a timeline plan for the users that has product version steps and releases, just thinking how other software suppliers do it.
i.e. a Proper timeline path for Dev and Release

I know your pushing more on cloud, but it does not fit for me so I am reliant on the in-house releases as I can deliver it across citrix more efficiently. (Maybe if the internet was reliable in every location in the world, but its so varied cloud is a flawed system)

Given the time that has elapsed since 8.5 and the loss of the old UI , we are being very patient.

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