Modifying the top menu bar

I would like to keep the account name from showing on the top header but can't seem to find a way to do this. This field is specific to our company and should not be seen by the end users. I've looked through the html files with no luck. Would appreciate some direction.
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Hello Arrow75.
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Hiding the account name from the top bar can be done by editing the HTML file of the top bar.
For basic instructions on how to edit the HTML files, please refer to the following link:

After preforming the instructions below, please edit the "FrameHeader.htm" in the customized HTML folder and delete the below syntax


After doing so please click on "reload templates" under preferences > customize > appearance and the account will be removed.

Please note, that the above instructions will only work on SysAid full edition, free edition users cannot change the HTML files beside the submit-service-request.htm file.

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Thanks Haim! That did it for me.

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Yeah thanks Haim.

I've removed that line as well. Looks a lot better now. Our customers do not need to see that info.

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