Remote Control for Dual Monitors

SysAid R&D

We have a new version ready for tests. It will add support for remote controlling computers with dual monitors.
We tested it on several lab environments and now want SysAiders to test it on real environments.

To test the new version, follow the below instructions:
1. Download the attached file.
2. Stop the SysAid Agent service on a computer with dual monitors.
3. Extract the attached file and copy the contents of the upd directory into the agent folder (C:\Program Files\SysAid or C:\Program Files (x86)\SysAid).
4. Start the SysAid Agent service.
5. From the admin workstation, try to initiate a remote control session with that computer and check that you're able to see both screens.

* We'd like to test the capability on both RCG and Direct Connection.
* We'd like to test the capability on a connected session (where user is on the console).
* We'd like to test this on as many operating systems as possible (Windows XP/2003 or above, 32 or 64 bit).
* In case the connection fails, try to edit the C:\Program Files\SysAid\ultravnc.ini file and replace "secondary=1" with "secondary=0". Restart the SysAidRCC Remote service and then try again. Please report the outcome here.


Lior Calif
SysAid R&D

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SysAid VP Customer Success
There's a newer version that solved few issues. If you tested the above version and it failed, please try this agent instead with the same instructions as above...