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Hi all,

I've recently run across a nifty dashboard project called 'Dashing' created by those guys over at Shopify. https://shopify.github.com/dashing/

A project we're working on involves pulling data from various places such as Nagios, Cacti, SysAid (of course!) into one dashboard that will sit on a large screen for us IT gods. If it goes well, it'll be release for the rest of the company to look at if they want to know what's going on in IT at the time.

Unfortunately I'm not a web dev now programmer so learning this on the fly hence my question: has anyone successfully pulled data from SysAid into another app? If so, how?

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Depends on what information you are looking to get out of SysAid.

It's mostly just stored into an Derby or SQL database (MS or MySQL).

We use MySQL here and all I needed to do was create a new MySQL user to use and gave it the proper DB rights to the SysAid database to read information.
You just have to know how to Link (or JOIN) the many tables in SysAid.

Here is the link to the online Admin guide: https://www.sysaid.com/help-page.htm?edition=2

Here is a direct link to on of the chapters in that guide for the database schema: https://www.sysaid.com/Sysforums/helpData.page?helpId=5737

I don't know the product you mentioned so making these SQL queries is beyond me in that product but I will check it out. It looks interesting

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Cheers, I was just breaking out the guides for an indepth look as well.

As far as I can tell it's just a Ruby app which can take json queries and turn them into widgets ..... but then I'm certainly not a web dev / programmer! So far I've got a few widgets working but this is one of the big ones I need to pull out.

We're currently running the DB on a MS SQL install on another server so that could be my way in. Ideally I'm looking to produce a widget similar to the info under Help Desk -> Matrix.

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A Portal of Executive informations is being implementing here in company. We're extracting informations of SysAid trough Dynamic Table in Excel 2007, that connect to the Database, in my case is Ms SQL Server 2008.

If Excel lets you connect to your database, and if you know what informations you want, I can help you, telling you what tables you should consult.
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I wrote a windows application using c#/.Net that uses growl for windows to alert the user when a ticket is assigned to an admin group they have chosen to monitor. It polls the the sr table of or mssql database ever 2 minutes.

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