Office 365 setup help - what settings?


I am trying to set up sysaid to pull emails and create tickets from an Office 365 account, but am unsure what combination of settings to use. Right now I am trying the following without success:

Protocol OWA
SSL on (tried off as well)
domainuser: <the full email address>
password: <password for the email address>

Perhaps the server is different or I shouldn't be using OWA.

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Hi Degini,

Thank you for this post,

Office 365 OWA integration:

When trying to set up Incoming Email integration with an Office365 account using OWA, please note that the log in URL for the account is something like: but the URL you need to place in the incoming email integration page in SysAid is the URL of the server with the /owa as you see once you are inside the inbox of the account.

See attached screen shots

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2nd screen shot
SysAid Wiz
Ido is right. You will need to get into OWA and retrieve the URL for the server you are on. It is not the portal URL
It worked great. Thanks much.
For our Office 365 incoming integration I used IMAP protocol the mail server is the that you find in your Outlook Settings.

We don't really use the incoming message integration at this time but those settings seem to work.

We mainly use the Outgoing integration now that version 9.0.53 supports TLS. We enter the same server: The server is different for different customers but I can show you how to find it if you need more help.
what settings do you use for outgoing in the pro cloud editon. if i enter our office 365 smtp settings all stops working so have to put settings back in to work but then if user replies to ticket notification they get postmaster delivery failure obviously becasue doesnt exist
Hello Everyone,
For about 2 months the e-mail integration with our Office365 account worked flawlessly.
We use SMTP access for outgoing e-mails and IMAP with SSL for incoming e-mails.

Since this morning we experience the following behavior :
- Sending e-mails from the system works fine to all users. - * no problem here. *
- When I send an e-mails to the system account I can see from OWA that the e-mail is "pulled out" to the sysaid system. - * no problem here. *
- When I go to the helpdesk list there is no new entry for the e-mail. * Problem *
After restarting the whole server (not just the service). If I'm lucky enough it works for one e-mail and stops again.

Only error in the log file is : [DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-1] WARN com.sysaid - SSL email integration is not validating the certificate!

Local support provider says "SysAid is not compatible with Office365" - So how come it worked in the past?!

Updated - * when switching from MAPI to OWA or POP3 - result is the same

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Has anyone found new settings or settings that work for Incoming email integration with Office 365?

I have Outbound email working with our Office 365 accounts, but not the Incoming to create new SR or to update existing SR from inbound email.

I've tried MAPI and OWA and IMAP. I've used as the server and the email address and password as the login credentials (which work for Outgoing).
One posted pointed at finding the acutal prod server URL, but I don't see that in the URL, it only lists and a realm after that.

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Hi Nathaniel,

I was reading through the Microsoft information provided at u, and noticed information at the bottom checking to confirm that your email is set-up for IMAP and POP. Have you checked with your email administrator on that? Besides that, it looks like using server is correct.

Thanks for the article reference. I tried those settings and it doesn't seem to work. I can not designate the port number in the Incoming settings, so I wonder if that is the problem. Microsoft is pretty clear about what settings to use, so I'm not sure what to try next. Maybe I'll try OWA again.
To let others know, SysAid Support needed make some changes to our cloud instance to allow POP access to Office365 using SSL. I don't know what change was, but it works now.
Here are my settings for incoming and outgoing via Office 365.

No issues at all.

The URL you can't read in the screenshot for Server URL is

Thank YOU! I have spent 5 hours trying to figure this out! Very much appreciated! Love the screen shots as well.
I see nothing about this information in any of SysAid documentation almost a year after your post!!
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Thanks for flagging dgbslb, we'll work on getting this added to SysAid documentation.