What's the biggest challenge IT professionals face in their day-to-day routine?

What's the biggest challange IT professionals face in their day-to-day routine?
Workload 49% [ 40 ]
Credit 19% [ 15 ]
Image 11% [ 9 ]
Income 14% [ 11 ]
Other - please specify 7% [ 6 ]
Total Votes: 81
SysAid Marketing
Hello SysAiders,

As always, we are interested in your day-to-day challenges, and here is another quick poll we would love you to take.

Don't be lazy, if you have anything to add, this is the place to speak out loud! (and anonymously of course).

Thank you
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Until we installed SysAid our biggest challenge was keeping track of all the issues, tasks and projects. No problem now!

Now if I can just get that pay increase.

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Aaaah yes, what I earn is enough, I only don't get it.
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by far the workload for me at the moment!

The boss asked my what I was working on at the moment excluding day to day base issues ...... he stopped me when I got to 35! lol
My biggest problem is workload however, I have voted income because regardless of whether my workload is high or low the income is constant and it is never enough!!!!