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Upgrade your satisfaction survey experience and add emojis!

  • 21 February 2023
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Upgrade your satisfaction survey experience and add emojis!

Hi SysMates, 

Ziarot (aka Z) here from the customer success team, had a conversation with the awesome @jsidoti following this post and thought I would share the steps with everybody as well!

So… when a ticket is closed and the auto notification is sent out you can add a satisfaction survey to help you track your team's activity and identify learning moments. Adding emojis to your survey is a quick and intuitive way to get your end-users to reply and share a bit more.

So the steps to add emojis are quick and simple: 

  1. If you don’t have a question ready you will need to create a survey question:

Go to: Settings > Customize > Service Request Survey > Create New > populate the fields marked in the screenshot and don’t forget to hit OK!


Create a survey question
  1. Add “if statement” for status SR closed tickets in the email notification, Go to: 

Settings > Customize > Notifications > Edit Notification #5 (default request user notification) 

here is an example of the syntax needed: 

#elseif( ${Status}=="Closed" ) Your service request #${ID} has been closed. We hope that you are satisfied with the service provided to you.
  1. Follow these steps to Insert an emoji survey 

*if you already have a survey link implemented you will need to remove it and add the emoji survey instead.


Let see how it will look from the request user side:

In the body of the email:

Once they click on a smiley it will open a new browser window:


Request user can then add free text or simply click Submit to share the emoji ranking.

Note: Their reply will only be recorded once they hit submit


Then request user receive a confirmation on the submission in the browser window:


Examples of commonly used survey questions: 

  • How would you rate the quality of the service you received for this service record?
  • What did you think about the service you received? 

What do you have at your organization? share with us in the replies!

Suggested ranking:  

1 Poor | 2 Fair | 3 Good | 4 Very Good | 5 Excellent

That’s IT, let us know how it goes for you,





4 replies

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Thanks for getting this out there Z


I appreciate it… I’m glad I have an excellent customer success manager :)



@jsidoti Hi John, you are most welcome and its a pleasure to work with you!   

We are only able to have 1 of the enabled survey questions (we have 3 survey questions) show up on the resulting survey page when using emojis.  Are all enabled survey questions supposed to appear?

Userlevel 3


in my testing it appears to be an either or situation


the end user can either do the quick emoji survey or answer the questions but not both