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Hi Team,


I need support to download tickets from past 5 years, I got update from sysaid support that we can only see 1000 tickets on bowers but can anyone please suggest how to download  3 or 5 years old tickets from this platform




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Hi @Adi

If you need to export more than 1000 tickets, the process is to do it through the Reports. 

Go to Analytics> Reports and you can create your own custom report, add the fields you’d like to display, and run it to an Excel, PDF, etc. 

You can use this link to create your own Report. 


If you need any further assistance let us know :)


Hi @SysAid Team thank you for the update but we are unable to extract all fields under that reports like Process managers, Activity and attachments. can you help us to download all the fields with report

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Hi @Adi

You cannot combine two entities in the same report. Since Activities is a different entity it would require a custom report. 

Therefore, out of the box, the Activities fields won’t be available in Service Record entity reports.  

Attachments fields are also not available for exporting in reports because attachments can be huge files. We can, however, put it up as an idea to other SysMates and see what they think :)

Process Manager can be added to the report. Simply follow the next steps:

Please let us know if you need further assistance. 

Hi @Adi 
I’ll mark your question as solved for now. However, if you feel that you need attachments to be exported, submit it as an idea in the community, please.


Hope it helps. Good luck!