Notes and Satisfaction Survey for AI Service Desk or MAC policies for SysAid Agent? Pick your favorite on v23.1.20

Hi SysMates, This version is packed full of crowd pleasures for admins and end-user alike. Let’s dive in:  Measure your end-users’ satisfaction by adding a survey to your AI Service DeskAdmins can measure their end-users’ satisfaction by collecting feedback after creating/closing a ticket in Microsoft Teams. Minimize “hassle” for end users, by providing the survey in Teams rather than sending an email Achieve a higher percentage of responses Gain insights in real time to improve your service delivery For set up go to: Settings > Customize > Notifications > Choose notificationInsert a survey in the body of the dedicated notifications (#1002 MS Teams SR Created or #1005 MS Teams SR Changed). Learn more about the Survey set up.MS Teams Chat thread with Satisfaction Survey When you need context, you can find the ticket notes in AI Service DeskEnd users can save the time by using the notes history option in the SysAid bot interface rather than scrolling through their ticket history in their mailbox.  Improved and easier communication between the Admin and end-user as each action taken is easily found within the interface Every note included in a ticket is visible within the ticket summary - Full Notes History To enable it for your AI Service Desk as well as for your SSP go to: Settings > Self-Service Portal > Self-Service Portal Settings > Advanced Settings > Add/Remove fields > Add the Notes fieldLearn more about Notes functionality here. You don’t have AI Service Desk set up yet? We're happy to help you! Seamless configuration for MAC & Linux on SysAid AgentsOur Agent settings now also apply to MAC and Linux assets! Publish the desired Agent Settings Policy to your RDS of choice and all your MAC and Linux assets will be seamlessly configured. This is done via the new Configuration tab on your RDS server. There’s no need to manually update each asset.Learn more about the new Configuration tab and how to add a new asset policy.Configuration tab on the RDS Settings Three excellent new features right? and that's not all as we address some more items:  #24283 - Fixed Filter in Service Quality by Timer Dashboard Chart Fixed a bug that prevented using the Custom Filter field in the Dashboard Chart called Service Quality by Timer. #23854 - Updated the disable remote control in the Agent Settings functionalityIn the Agent Settings Policy, when disabling the checkbox for Enable Remote Control it will not only disable the functionality, it will also refrain from installing it on connected Windows assets.  For more advanced remote control capabilities and experience check out our TeamViewer embedded service.  No Version is complete without security enhancements!#24019 - Tightened security against potential XSS attacks in the Password Services Module.#23743 - Tightened security against potential XSS attacks around SAML responses from a variety of add-ons, such as Office 365 SSO.   What is all this you ask? Version 23.1.20, gradual rollout: January 22-29, 2023and It's also here So… what feature in this version is your favorite?? Tell me in the comments! PS - Want to get notified when new product updates are out? Hit subscribe and you are good! 

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The AI Service Desk, now with NLP, lets end users easily self-resolve issues by bringing them KB articles in their work environment. v22.4.60.

Hi SysMates, It’s the last version for 2022 and we have amazing and exciting gifts for you!🎁✨Introducing the NLP KB for AI Service DeskThe AI Service Desk, now with NLP, lets end users easily self-resolve issues by bringing them KB articles in their work environment. SysAid’s conversational bot turns IT service into personal service - end-users get the help they need whenever and wherever they are Bring KB to your end-users in their work environment Suggest curated KB articles to empower end-users to self-resolve Continually improve accuracy as the bot learns AI Service Desk NLP for KB articles: Suggested answers to end-used in TeamsNew and Advanced Linux Agent for Leading Distributions We now support RPM distribution for Linux. The new RPM agent, is an application, installed on the asset, supporting leading Linux distributions: RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, in addition to Debian, and Ubuntu. The RPM agent includes enhanced functionality:Improved inventory capabilities, monitoring, auto upgrading, controlling the agent setting remotely, and troubleshooting.Read here for more information.Leading Linux Distributions supported by SysAid AgentSysAid Agent Available for Windows 11SysAid continues to deliver on its promise to support the broadest array of OS, and SysAid Windows agent now supports Windows 11 assets. And last but no least a few more highly requested Joys: #14796 - New custom datetime tag for email notifications Hide contentCustom datetime fields in email notifications now appear in the time zone set by the customer, as we fixed a bug that caused those fields to automatically appear in EST.Update your notifications to use the new tag ${sr.getCustomFieldValue("CUSTOM FIELD NAME") for every custom field. For more details see here#20076 - Assets with FIPS policy support Hide contentAgents no longer fail when downloading files when the asset has the FIPS policy enabled. The agent files use the SHA265 (instead of MD5) encoding method. That’s all for Version 22.4.60 - Gradual Rollout: December 25th, 2022 – January 2nd, 2023> It's also here < Happy holidays to you and yours!The SysAid TeamPS - Want to get notified when new product updates are out? Hit subscribe and you are good! 

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Bugs resolved, joy delivered Vol.4! Version 22.4.50 - Gradual Rollout: December 11 - 18

Hi SysMates, It’s the version before last for the year 2022 and we are rolling out a few more little joys requested by you.  In this version aka joy vol.4, we delivered 4 Bugs, which you ask? Click below to find :)  #22511 - OAuth 2.0 and third-party email automationsFixed a bug where a missing header prevented the creation of a ticket. This bug occurred when tickets originated from a third-party provider (anti-virus, telecommunication etc.), and OAuth 2.0 Incoming Email integration was set.  #15066 - OAuth 2.0 and sent items recordsFixed a bug where emails sent from SysAid were not saved in the 'Sent Items' folder of the O365 mailbox. This took place when using OAuth 2.0 email integration. To locate your sent (deleted) emails, simply click the Recoverable Items link (at the top of the Deleted folder) and find all the relevant emails. To read more about this Microsoft 365 functionality.   #14527 - Apostrophe mattersAdded support for apostrophes (‘) in User Group names. O'Neal's Team, Olivia’s Team etc. are also supported on the List View of your choice.  #14857 - Request Time is clearer when exporting reports Eliminated confusing presentation of the Request Time date range when exporting reports. If there is a range, it is presented Month, Date, Year - Month, Date, Year. If it is a single date, then it simply appears, Month, Date, Year. > It's also here < Stay tuned for the last version of 2022 v22.4.60 we saved some real goodies for last!Cheers,MaayanPS no. 1 - Want to get notified when new product updates are out? Hit subscribe and you are good!PS no. 2 -You haven’t moved yet to OAth 2.0? what are you waiting for? Here is everything you need to do it:  

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SysAid On-Prem v22.3.35 is now available!

Hi On-Prem SysMates, Can I call you OPSM? Ok, maybe we need to think of a better name (suggestions are welcome in the comments section!). Now, where was I? Oh yeah! Our new version, which also includes Linux, is up and ready for your upgrade: Download SysAid v22.3.35 On-Prem Release Highlights include:New “Additional Data” box gives filtered information on the SSP ticket view giving you only the information you needUsers now enjoy a “cleaner” view of their ticket information in the Self-Service Portal (SSP).The Additional Data box in the ticket view includes only relevant fields (per ticket template) that were filled in (upon ticket creation). No more redundant, empty fields.There’s no need for set up, but admins can easily define fields to be displayed separately in the Ticket Info box in the Settings. Improved Management of Azure Active Directory Automatic updates: All updates to users and groups in Azure are immediately and automatically synced into your helpdesk. No need for scheduled tasks to synchronize between Azure AD and SysAid. Filters: Reduce clutter and redundant information. Admins can filter which users and groups are imported from Azure into SysAid. Learn moreReduce tickets generated From junk email addresses Eliminate “junk” tickets from your queue. Admins can create a blacklist of up to 20 email addresses and/or domains that will be ignored by the Incoming Email integration within SysAid. Emails from these domains will not trigger the creation of a ticket.Better together: SysAid Slack integration v2.0 We have added quite a few great capabilities to our Slack integration. Available on SysAid Marketplace Send Slack Direct Messages from SysAid Attach a Ticket to an existing Slack channel or create a new channel Use the SysAid Slash Commands in Slack Create an SR Link a Slack channel to an SR Show pending workflow action items list Approve/Deny SysAid pending action item directly from Slack Security enhancement - Embed access token required for existing accounts Better control and customization of automation rule triggersBy creating a threshold for operating hours, you enjoy better control and customization of automation (escalation) rules. This new field allows you to establish a threshold that automatically distinguishes which rules are to be calculated in operation hours (short-term) and which are calculated by absolute hours (long-term).The default value for the threshold is set for 168 hours, but you can easily configure it according to your needs. Learn more. In such a scenario, a rule that should run 3 hours after a certain event in a ticket will be calculated by operating hours. A rule that should run once a month, in this case 720 hours, will be calculated in absolute hours. The Essentials for Your Move to Microsoft 365 Exchange OAuth 2.0 protocolTwo years ago, Microsoft announced that it will no longer support basic authentication protocols (SMTP, IMAP, POP). The time has come to move to the more secure and updated OAuth 2.0 protocol. Follow these steps to keep going with no interruptions:On-Premises Linux customers stay current with SysAidOn-Premises Linux users can continue to enjoy the most advanced versions of SysAid, with all of the features and benefits. We will continue to invest in our broad ecosystem so that no customer is left behind. Follow this guide for instructions on how to upgrade your SysAid. ICYMI: Sunsetting Oracle database for On-PremisesWe have decided to sunset our support for Oracle database as part of the effort to optimize our development flow, aligning our On-Prem and Cloud infrastructure to enable streamlined development and releases for you to enjoy.For accounts using Oracle database we recommend not upgrading further than v21.2.35 until database migration has been performed. Reach out to our team to start the conversation for your migration. We are here to support you through this process of moving to MSSQL or MYSQL, and even consider taking the opportunity to reach for the SysAid cloud in partnership with AWS ISV Workload Migration Program. For more about these and the full list of items included in this version, visit our Product Documentation.  Done Upgrading? Let us know how your upgrade went in the comments section or reach out to our Customer Care team via live chat or open a ticket on our Customer Portal if you need assistance. Happy upgrade, MaayanPS, some pins:📌During upgrading, if you require additional back versions you can find them here (login required). 📌Tired of the upkeep? Wondering what it would entail to move to the cloud? Talk to us. 📌 Want to get notified when new product updates are out? Hit the subscribe button and stay in the know!  

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Bugs resolved, joy delivered Vol.2! Version v22.4.30 - Gradual Rollout: October 23 - 30

 Hi SysMates, Yes, we mean it.  This end of the year we are focusing on the small bites that make your life just a tad more joyous, rolling out features and bugs that were reported in high numbers. In this version aka joy vol.2, we delivered 3 Bugs, 1 Security Enhancement, which you ask? Click below to find :)  #14490Fixed a bug that prevented the in-reply-to functionality from working as expected when OAuth 2.0 protocol was used in email integration. This fix resolved a highly problematic issue in which tickets were repeatedly duplicated when users CCed an integrated email address on a reply to an email thread related to a ticket.​​​ #20080Admins can now filter List Views and Dashboards by relational list fields. Creating the flexibility to view the unique information important to your organization and for your work.  #20424Fixed a bug that prevented the Service Record Actions list from displaying the value of custom relational list fields. #16785Upgraded the Patch Management implementation to Apache HTTPD version 2.4.53 to prevent vulnerability errors. > It's also here <   You haven’t moved yet to OAth 2.0? what are you waiting for? Here is everything you need to do it: Let us know what you think. In the comments!Cheers,MaayanPS - Want to get notified when new product updates are out? Hit subscribe and you are good!

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Bugs resolved, joy delivered! Version 22.4.20 - Gradual Rollout: October 23 - 30

Hi SysMates, The end of the year is just around the corner, and we are giving attention to the bugs you care about!In the next couple of versions, we will be rolling out bugs that were reported in high numbers and hopefully bring some joy to you and yours.  In this version, we delivered 1 Feature, 3 Bugs, 2 Security Enhancement, which you ask? Click below to find :)  #15896The ticket ID numbers listed in reports exported to CSV files no longer include a comma. For example, instead of displaying the ID number as 232,568, it now displays the ID number as 232568. This applies to all reports within the system, but not to other exports.#16753 Fixed a bug that prevented the asset list from sorting assets by the Last Access Time column.#14814Fixed a bug that prevented SysAid from displaying a visual indication (*) for required fields in the template and sub-type forms.#18066Azure integration enables, by default, the option for it to be the secondary user repository, when the customer is already running another user repository integration. This makes it easier to enable Azure integration to access certain SysAid capabilities without creating duplicate users.#20600Tightened security for SysAid login around password validation and Captcha display.#20942Upgraded to the latest version (1.10.0) of JAR to fix Apache Commons Text vulnerability. This covers CVE-2022-42889.  > Check IT out <And let us know what you think. In the comments!Cheers,MaayanPS - Want to get notified when new product updates are out? Hit subscribe and you are good! 

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Version 22.3.50 - Gradual rollout: August 28 - September 4

Hi SysMates,A new cloud release is here and I am liking what I see (hint analytics is my fave): New Chart Type for Dashboard: Action Items Overview  New chart type added to the out-of-the-box list of charts, available in the Advanced Reporting section in Settings called Action Items Overview. Helping admins keep track of their workflow tasks.New Chart Type: Action Items OverviewBy the way a few more new charts will be coming soon so stay tuned! Service Record Actions List View ImprovedAdded a new view to the Service Records Actions list called Dashboard, which directly correlates with the new chart type Action Items Overview. In the table display, three new columns are included: Service Record Type Category Sub Category (Optional)Same as the fields in the Action Items Overview chart.Service Record Actions list viewAre You the Next SysAid ABots Pathfinder?Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be one of the first to enjoy more automation. ABots are simple plug-n-play bots that automate the most common manual and repetitive IT admin tasks.Our first 3 ABots support your most common user repository tasks, for example: new employee onboarding, role changes, permissions management for temp workers or visitors, and offboarding. See more and sign up: Active Directory Azure Active Directory Microsoft Exchange We also fixed bugs related to our Third-Party Integrations with Azure and Jira  > Check IT all out < And let us know what you think, in the comments!Cheers,Maayan PS - Want to get notified when new product updates are out? Hit subscribe and you are good! Subscribe to SysAid Product Updates 

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Version 22.3.40 - Gradual rollout: August 14 - 21

Hi All, A new cloud release is here with some goodies on several fronts, let’s see what we have here:  Making it Easier to Adopt AI Service DeskFor accounts that are happily using a different user repository and must enable Azure for the AI Service Desk, we created a new option to define Azure as a secondary repository. For example, this enables LDAP and Azure User Repositories to work side-by-side.The 'Azure-secondary' mode allows customers to easily setup the AI Service Desk. They can activate the pre-requisite Azure integration without leaving behind their existing groups, filters, sign-in, and password services. Learn more here At least 8 accounts had this on their wish list and now it’s here! 🙌🏼 Query Builder: Low-code Configurability of Date FiltersInstead of having to choose start and end dates, admins can now choose from a simple dropdown list of pre-defined time periods in the query builder. This is available on list filters related to all entities across SysAid.  This saves admins time and requires low effort to set up as no-code is required.    Edit User Group Page Improved The edit page for User Groups has been improved, sectioning the information and actions into three tabs: General, Members, and Permissions, as well as adding option to delete or duplicate group.   Another good one is part of this release on the Patch Management front #15902: Increase the flexibility to configure the Patch Management reboot policy. When choosing “Let Users Decide” admins can select if to include the allow  “Don’t Bother Me Again” option for end-users.  We also fixed bugs and more small features on a couple of SysAid modules:General  | Patch Management | Self-Service Portal | Third-Party Integrations | BI Analytics > Check IT all out < And let us know what you think, in the comments!Cheers,Maayan PS - Want to get notified when new product updates are out? Hit subscribe and you are good! Subscribe to SysAid Product Updates 

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SysAid On-Prem v.22.1.65 is now available!

Hi Hi,Our new On-Premises release is out. Head over to our Latest Release page and download it now!→ Download SysAid v22.1.65 On-Prem Release ← Highlights of this release include: Workflow Action Items: Customize and Automate Reminders A new check box in the Escalation Rules form allows admins to set customized reminders on action items. This requires configuration, read more about it here.Self-Service Portal Enhancements Improved Scoreboard pagination and Service Catalog new loading mechanism – leading to major performance improvements and supporting intricate service catalogs.End-User Portal Sunset The legacy End-User Portal (EUP) has reached the end of its journey and is now being officially retired as SysAid is ending maintenance as of this release. Once you upgrade to the latest version you will automatically be transferred to SysAid's more advanced and secure Self-Service Portal (SSP). See it in action.Sunsetting Oracle Database for On-Prem In order to align our On-Prem and Cloud infrastructure, we are sunsetting our support for the Oracle database.ICYMI, the SysAid Mobile Add-On for On-Prem Is Here         It’s waiting for you on SysAid’s Marketplace.If you are wondering what’s next? ABots is looking for some early adopters!Our new automation bots are planned to be released in our next version.ABots are simple plug-n-play bots that automate the most common manual and repetitive IT tasks. The first batch of ABots are for user management (with Microsoft and Azure Active Directories, and Exchange). We are looking for some test drivers to help put the finishing touches before it’s released to anybody else. Come be a part, email our Abots team.Let us know how the upgrade goes!Cheers,Maayan 📌During upgrade if you require additional back versions you can find them here. 📌 Want to get notified when new product updates are out? Hit subscribe and you are good!Subscribe to Product Updates 

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Version 22.2.40 (Gradual Rollout: May 15 – 22)

Hi All,This Cloud version we continues to elaborate our Azure and OKTA integrations and fix a bug in Reports module as well.Check IT all outICYMI: SysAid Slack Integration v2.0 has been released!We have listened to your requests and added quite a few great capabilities to our integration with Slack.[url=]Available on SysAid’s Marketplace. Security Enhancements Recap: The Israel National Cyber Directorate published a series of advisories including vulnerabilities with the SysAid product. These were brought to our attention prior to the report, and we have already addressed them:Tightened security around access to LDAP Imported users via the API. This covers [url=]CVE-2021-36721.Tightened security around uploading files in SysAid. This covers [url=]CVE-2021-22796.Tightened security around access for non-admin users. This covers CVE-2022-22798.Tightened security against potential Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks. This covers CVE-2022-23165.Tightened security around access to vulnerable files in the SysAid server. This covers CVE-2022-23166.For the full review of each issue including description of the issues, and their defined impact see here.Till Next Time,Cheers,Maayan PS - Want to get notified when new product updates are out? Hit subscribe and you are good!    

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