Additional notification types for admins who work remotely

  • 26 July 2023
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There are email and sms notifications, but here are some ideas for those hard-to-reach admins who work from home:

  • Doorbell integration - in case you've fallen asleep this can wake you up
  • Home automation - flash the lights on and off in case you have headphones on
  • Wellness check - alerts local law enforcement so they can knock on your door
  • Pizza - similar to wellness check and comes with food
  • Shock collar - typically used for dogs but can fit humans
  • Fire alarm - localized sprinkler activation

6 replies

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I must say, this idea definitely brings a whole new meaning to ITSM. The "Pizza Notification" would be the highlight of any admin's day 🤤

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I’ll convert it into conversation, if you don’t mind. Let’s collect other great ideas of how notifications might look like!

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@IT_NPC I’m definitely a fan of the Pizza option, but not sure about the shock collar - it depends, I guess :)) 

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How about Netflix notification - A message pops on your screen when there’s a new ticket in your queue and you can’t foward to the next episode until it’s resolved. Mabye it’s too harsh… 🤔

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I’d add also the following

Rubber Band Launcher - Shoots rubber bands at the admin's chair or at the admin when they've been idle for too long
Coffee and or snack drone - Comes at the admins home similar like the pizza delivery

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I like the coffee/snack idea. Made me think of another one:

Glitter bomb - Mark Rober style but it sprays popcorn smell, launches candy, and plays audio clips from the Office Space movie