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  • 26 June 2024
  • 2 replies


When an admin replies to a ticket why does the Admin Group get the message also?

Email notifications are off in the Groups, so I don’t understand why we are seeing these messages.

2 replies

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Hi @manuel.mendez ,

Thank you for reaching out!

There are a few potential causes as to why admin groups get notified when an admin replies on a ticket. Below are the steps you can use to troubleshoot this:


  1. Verify Notification Settings:

    • Navigate to Settings > Service Desk > General in the SysAid admin portal.
    • Ensure that the 'Notify Admins assigned to the Service Record' option is disabled.
  2. Check Group Email Settings:

    • Go to Tools > Groups and confirm that the email addresses for the admin group are correctly configured and that notifications are indeed turned off.
  3. Review Escalation Rules:

    • Navigate to Settings > Service Desk > Escalation Rules.
    • Check if there are any escalation rules that might be triggering notifications to the Admin Group when a ticket is updated.
  4. Examine Email Logs:

    • Look for any errors or unusual entries in the email logs around the time the issue occurred. This can help identify if the notifications are being sent due to a misconfiguration or an error.
  5. Check Email Integration:

    • Navigate to Email integration > Advanced Options and check if the option ‘Route email correspondences with end users through the SysAid server:’ is enabled

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