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  • 27 September 2022
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Under Assets the Tab Maintenance there is a default field called Last Maintenance. 

How can a organization utilize this field to notify the admin if the last Maintenance has been over 30 days for example. 

We want to implement a process were the Asset is maintained and remind the admin to maintain. 


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Hi @lanseriait 

You can utilize this field by setting up reminders here:


Let us know how it goes!


PS - if you are diving into to asset management highly recommend you catch the on-demand recording of the Aseest Management session from SMART 2022 



Hi Maayan

Thanks for this however I believe the logic is not adding up. 

If I indicate that the Asset was last Maintained (Last Maintenance) on the 8th of August 2022.

The Reminders rule link to Asset: Last Maintenance – Send Alert before (Days) set as 7 days will not work as my logic has it will look to send a reminder 7 days before the Maintenance should happen. If the Maintenance (Last Maintenance) is set to the 8th of August 2022, no reminder will send as the maintenance date is long over the reminder time.

I almost want to say the reminder should not be set as before but after. So if 30 days have passed, the reminder should be sent to inform the Admin to complete the Maintenance.

From the support response the Last Maintenance should actually indicate the next Maintenance for the Reminder to work.

So my follow up question would be. 

I want to have a field Last Maintenance for the report but I want a field for Next Maintenance to show when the asset need to be maintained again. The Reminder should then be done on the Next Maintenance Field which does not seem possible in reminders?


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Hi @lanseriait , 

Ok I understand what you are saying, will look into to this and get back to you! Realistically only next week. 

Stay tuned,



Thanks to Iona Gotca from SysAid Customer Care Engineer

As I checked the issue and I tested on my side, we have a solution for your idea. 

You will not be able to use a custom field date because it will not work with reminder, but you can use a Asset Custom date available in Maintenance section.

After that you can rename it using the Translation file from  Asset Custom Date 1 to Next maintenance. After that you will find that field in the drop down list of the Reminder date column.