auto close action item on field updates

  • 3 October 2022
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I have created a workflow for onboarding new team members.  One of the action items is to create the domain ID and enter it into a database.  I have 2 fields, the first requires the ID be entered and the second I want to require a yes response that the database has been updated.  When these 2 activities are completed, I would like to have the action item status be automatically updated to completed.  I am unable to find instructions on how to accomplish this, can anyone provide some insight or a document link?

3 replies

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Hi @Landers,

we can’t really do that currently.

We do not have a way to change the specific action item status when specific fields are being filled. 

We can, however, have an action item that is depended on specific fields.

So, you can create an action item that is automatically completed but it will be activated only if another action item is completed and specific fields have values.

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Hi @Landers 

Just to make sure it’s clear the solution path you can do is: 

Create dependency that when the Domain ID field is populated the second field is changed accordingly and once it is completed as well with “yes” the action item is complete and the workflow can move to the next one. 

Let us know how it goes, 



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Here is my novice showing, but I am unable to determine how to make field A dependent on field B within the same activity.  When I look at the dependencies through the Workflow it only allows me to pick a dependency from a prior activity.  What am I missing?