Customized fields and action items - not available for selection to add into request template

  • 20 December 2022
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I’m new to this group and just getting started with SysAid Workflows, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m getting some issues when creating customized action items or service record items not being available for selection when trying to add them to a request template.


It looks as if I have to wait 24 hours or so for these custom fields to become available (frustrating but I can live with it), and whilst I’ve had some success, custom fields becoming available for selection can be inconsistent. For example, I created two custom service record fields yesterday, 1 being a list and the other being a text box. Both are ready and created in the custom fields lists. The list was available to add to my request template today, but my text box was not and I have no idea why. I’ll likely have to delete it and start over.


Does anybody know why custom fields may not become available for addition e.g. Am I making the caption too long, does the database reject it for a reason?


Many thanks and any help would be fantastic!



3 replies

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Hi @Goater83 and welcome to our community!

first I highly recommend you catch the workshop we had about workflows to get you the full picture:

 Regarding your custom fields sync 2 things to check: 

  1. Is the new custom field in status “ready for use”
  2. Is it created in the “action Items” entity

Let us know, 


Hi Mayaan, 


thank you for getting back to me and for sharing the video, it was very helpful.

I apologise for the delay in responding to you also.

The custom fields were created as service records and action items and had a status of ‘Ready to Use’. They synced eventually, but had to wait an extra day for them to appear for selection.

Are maintenance windows set by the organisation?

Many thanks




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Hi @Goater83

Happy you enjoyed the session! You can find here the cadence for Custom Columns updates. 

If you see a delay happne again in your fields updates reach out to our Customer Care team via live chat or open a ticket on our Customer Portal