Dark Mode when?

  • 6 December 2022
  • 3 replies

SysAid makes my eyes bleed in the morning and evening, when will you implement a dark theme?

3 replies

just add drak reader to your  web browser 


Yes I’m aware that plugins exist, but some of the UI still doesn't look right(not that the UI looks nice anyway!) so it needs a native dark mode from SysAid.



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Hi @bugota111 and @jgriffiths !

First I want to make sure you know we are working on a new look and feel to SysAid to be launched in 2023!
We gave a sneak peek to what is in the works on our roadmap session at SMART check it out on-demand here: 

I will say though the dark mode is not included in the first release but is considered for later, till then please add your vote to this idea:

So we know how much you care for it to be implemented!