Documentation for "Other changes are made" notifications for Assigned group members

  • 20 December 2022
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The "Other changes are made" notifications for Assigned group members is vague and I can’t find any documentation on what that covers.  Please provide details on this in future documentation.

3 replies

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Hi @Colin Bodkin 

You are referring to these checkboxes right? 

Other changes checkbox refers to the changes that are done to the following list of fields:  

  • Urgency
  • Priority
  • Impact
  • Category/subCategory/thirdLevelCategory
  • Title
  • Description
  • Archive/restore
  • Request User
  • Due Date
  • Main CI
  • Main Asset

Will request to add this to the documentation as well. 

Thanks for raising this!

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Thank you Maayan!  We are seeing notifications when “Other changes are made” is enabled go to the Assigned Admin Group when email replies are received (a new message is added to the Messages section).  These are creating many extraneous and vague notifications to the assigned admin group.  I have a ticket 2386877 open concerning this and am hoping to get it addressed.

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@Colin Bodkin great let us know what you find out!