How do I get separator lines in PDF reports

  • 31 January 2024
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I am creating a report on incidents. When I view a report on the screen there are neat grey lines separating each record, nice, but the Title doesn’t word wrap. I want a PDF, so I run the report. Now I have the Title word wrapping, great, but there are no lines separating records, nor blank space doing the same job. This means the Title field looks like one continuous piece of text all the way down the report and is very hard to read.

Does anyone have a solution that isn’t exporting as XLSX or CSV and doing it yourself? Am I missing something?



2 replies


To address the issue of the Title field word wrapping and the lack of lines separating records in the PDF report, you can try customizing the report template to include horizontal lines or alternate shading for each record. Unfortunately, SysAid's built-in reporting tool may have limitations in terms of formatting when exporting to PDF. If the built-in options do not provide the desired result, you may need to export the report to XLSX or CSV and apply the formatting manually in a program like Microsoft Excel.

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Hi @BiancaVatrici,

Thanks for replying. I can do that, but as I said in my post that’s extra steps I need to do. It seems strange to me that the reporting tool doesn’t have such a simple feature such as lines, line breaks or alternating white/grey or similar. I was wondering if I missed an option somewhere?