Link a Service Record to a Request

  • 30 August 2022
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Our institution is using SysAid for employee onboarding.  HR starts the process with filling out all the employee details.  Information Technology and Facilities then get assigned incident requests to get the account, equipment and room ready for the new employee.  Is there a way to link the service records that are created for these departments back to the request so when they close out the tickets HR is notified?

3 replies

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Hi @Lauren Myers ,

Are you using our Workflow Designer for these type of processes? 

If you configure the incident requests as an action item in the workflow then it can all be centralized as well as create dependencies. 

Let us know how it goes!



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I am using workflow designer and then creating user workflow notifications to create an incident  service request for IT and Facilities.  But when I do that and they close the ticket there is no way for HR to get notified.  When I send an email notification and they complete their task it works great but if I create a service record that is where is falls off.

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Hi @Lauren Myers ,

Ok I checked with our experts and unfortunately you can’t link an SR back to an action item in the workflow. 

So admin that received the ticket needs to go and mar the action complete in the workflow for the process to continue.

What you can do to make sure they remember that part as well is to add to the email notification for the SR something along the lines “This is part of Request #123” make to mark your step complete once this ticket is complete and if they open it in email you can also add the buttons so they can do it through email directly. 

See the options avavalble for the notifications here.

Let me know if this helps!