Removing/making not visible Tabs in the Subtype (Microsoft Teams)

  • 16 November 2023
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Hi, All this my first post here. I’m trying to make the Microsoft teams tab in the subtype not Visible and it not letting me like the others. (Below is the message it gives me).

I tried adding it to a group, Tried unticking the check box, tried creating a fresh new subtype. Tried Chrome, firefox and Edge browser. 

I need to do this because when adding workflow tabs it puts it ahead of these default tabs(History,related items, Microsoft teams) instead of putting it in front of the Approve workflow tab.


Any help or work around will be appreciated thank you.


2 replies

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Hi Andrew,


Thank you for reporting this issue.

Would you be so kind as to reach out to us either via chat, or by submitting a ticket? We’ll investigate this matter further, and easier, that way.


Thank you!

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Hi @andrewm, there’s a trick you can do to get all of the workflow tabs lined up directly after the initial workflow “Approve” tab - just note that if you do what I’m about to tell you, you will break some or all of the dependencies in your workflow and need to recreate them.

To get the workflow tabs all lined up in your template, first create all of the tabs that you are going to need in your workflow. As you know, there will be a gap between the “Approve” tab on the left and all of the other workflow tabs showing up on the far right end of the template, with the non-workflow tabs (including the MS Teams tab) in the middle. Once you have your workflow tabs laid out, reverse the order of the tabs, so that the Approve tab is the furthest to the right in the workflow, with all of the other tabs coming before it. Then, rearrange the tabs again into the proper order. Now, when you close the workflow designer you will see all of the workflow tabs lined up together in the proper order, before any of the other tabs in your template (including the Microsoft Teams tab).

As I mentioned, rearranging the tabs will break some of the dependencies in your workflow and they will need to be recreated. However, if you do this trick at the very beginning of the workflow design process (before you begin adding dependencies to your action items) then you will avoid this issue in the future.