Type of Administrators


Hi, I am looking to find definition of different type of Administrators in SysAid, 

The terms are:

Assigned Administrator
Assigned group members
Responsible Administrator
Process Manager


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Hi @miraldh,


To help you understand the different types of administrators in SysAid, here are the definitions for each term you mentioned:

Assigned Administrator

An Assigned Administrator is the individual who is directly assigned to a specific ticket or task. This person is responsible for handling and resolving the issue.

Assigned Group Members

Assigned Group Members are the members of a specific group who are collectively responsible for managing and resolving tickets or tasks assigned to their group. Any member of the group can take ownership of the ticket or task.

Responsible Administrator

A Responsible Administrator is the person who has overall responsibility for a particular area or function within SysAid. This role typically involves overseeing the work of other administrators and ensuring that tasks are completed efficiently.

Process Manager

A Process Manager is responsible for managing and overseeing specific processes within SysAid. This role involves ensuring that processes are followed correctly and that any issues are addressed promptly.


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