Asset IP Address Not Updating

I have search to try and find this answer as this seems like it should be a simple topic, but I can't find it anywhere.

We have assets that were found by the WMI scan. These are Windows 10 devices. Weeks have passed since the asset was found and the asset now has a different IP Address. When I try to deploy the agent, I get an error:

Deployment to x.x.24.92 failed - Deploy command received
Deploy started on machine x.x.24.92
x.x.24.92 - Failed to connect to the target machine via SSH using credentials ntdomain\Administrator
x.x.24.92 - Failed to connect to the target machine via SMB using credentials ntdomain\Administrator - System Error: 53 Error Description: The network path was not found.

When I ping the computer, I have found that the IP address is different (x.x.24.105)then what is in Sysaid. How do I get this asset to pick up the new IP address?

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I have similar issue: SysAid 21.4.45 do not update the IP addresses, but if I deploy using the real IP address, deployment is successful. Just IP address is not update even after undeploy and deploy
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Hi Tamie,

Check this guide about agent deployment:
Read more here

Or contact our support live chat or our Helpdesk

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