Best Practices? for CMDB> Import Asset to CI Settings

  • 1 September 2022
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I am working on the setting for the Asset to CI import and there are some things which don’t make sense.  Is there a best practices document?

These are my questions so far:

  1. When the import is done, is the CI Type set to Asset?
  2. Why is Asset field “Disabled” not available?  How will I know in the CI that an asset is disabled?  Do I now need to manually update the item in both the Asset and CI lists? Ideally, Disabled would match with the CI Status field.
  3. Where does the Asset Type field go?  I would like Asset Type = CI Sub Type field, but CI Type and CI Sub Type are not options in the field selections drop down.

And for more esoteric questions:

  1. Why is there not a filter on the import?  I would like to pick the type of asset to import. Servers = yes. Laptops = no.
  2. Why does the Model field type not match in Asset and CI (text and integer respectively)?

Below is how I’ve set the import screen so far.  The highlighted fields are the ones I’m questioning. (I have to add a couple of custom fields still, and make the names of others match so it is clear where data is coming from/going to.)

I appreciate any guidance that anyone can offer.



3 replies


SysAid Support was able to provide and answer to the second question #1:

There is a way to filter what assets are created as CIs. 

Settings - CMDB - Import System Items. 

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Hi Heidi, 

Ok, let’s tackle this doozy!

  1. When importing CIs you can set it to asset - Go to: Settings > CMDB  > Import System Items. 
  2. Connecting Asset status to CI status - Currently not available, I invite to open a new idea and we can see if others are interested as well and get it prioritized accordingly.
  3. here does the Asset Type field go? - same answer as no. 2 unless it’s a different place you are talking about?
  1. To define what types of devices are imported go here: 



  1. Model Type field: We are not sure where do you see this field in the CI, but you can simply use one of your custom fields and define it to match integar to integar etc. 


BTW are you attending Day 2 of SMART 2022 today? there is a great session about everything assets:


Hoped this helped!






Thank you for your answers.  Here are my distilled answers to the questions I asked.

  1. The CI Type is automatically set to Asset. 

          The Asset Type can be set to CI Cub Type.


  1. The current synchronization between Assets and CIs is set in Settings > CMDB  > Import System – “Automatically removed a deleted a asset from the CMDB”.  However I would still like to have a sync between Assets Disabled and CI Status. 


  1. Filtering assets to be brought into the CI List can be done in Settings > CMDB > Import System Settings


  1. I did recreate the CI model field to be a short text field.  I didn’t realize that that was a custom field when I asked the questions.


Other Feature Requests created out of this experience:

Feature request 19774 - Disable CI relationship when the status of a CI is Disabled\Deleted\Inactive. 

Note: The relationships aren’t accurate if disabled CI items are still appearing in the CI Relations list and on the CI Relations Graph.


Feature Request - Add the additional Field Type 'Relational List' to Asset Field Customization.

Use Case: We have building information in the CI Type: Place and Sub Type: Location. We would like to use this location list on the assets to do we have consistent naming on locations.